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Titus Baker

Business Development Manager

Titus Baker, a proud alumnus of Liberty University with a degree in Sales and Marketing, is the driving force behind business development at 828. He expertly manages key accounts and nurtures partner relationships. As the youngest of nine siblings, Titus brings a unique blend of personable warmth and collaborative spirit to the team, qualities that are undoubtedly honed from growing up in a large and dynamic family environment.

Career Journey
  • Painter for First Companies
  • Campaign Coordinator for Ralph Rebandt’s Governor Campaign in Michigan
  • 828 Marketing and Web Design Bus. Dev. Manager
  • Titus attended Zion Christian School in his home state of Michigan.
  • He then got his Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University in: Business Administration: Marketing: Sales Management and Professional Selling.
  • Since then he has continued training with the Business Made Simple Academy and Digital Marketer extensive training programs.
Personal Note:

Titus comes from a large family with 8 older siblings. He loves playing soccer and watching his favorite team Everton. He also loves basketball, pickleball, and just about any sport you can think of.

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