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75% of people admit to judging a company based solely upon their website. You need a clean, professional design that lets buyers know exactly who you are and what you do in just a few seconds.

At 828 Marketing and Web Design we build compelling websites that work for your business. Since 1998 we have launched hundreds of award-winning websites and applications that generate revenue using the latest in web and mobile technology. Using Wordpress as a content framework, we create mobile-first designs that grab your customers' attention. From basic websites to complex e-commerce setups, we will find a solution that will work best for your business.

Scientific Web Design

At 828 we understand that the top websites aren't designed the same as everyone else. It's not just because that spend more money, it's the approach they take. The guys at Conversion Rate Experts have designed more top 500 websites than anyone else, and they do an excellent job of explaining what makes them successful. It's something we believe strongly in, and something that we have seen in our own experience on our own large projects like the Statue of Liberty, Black and Decker, and Navy Federal Credit Union.

The difference between those successful websites and most others is described as “Scientific Web Design.” We can summarize this methodology with these three principles:

  1. Design for function not aesthetics
  2. Carry out regular experiments on your website
  3. Make frequent, small changes with rare website redesigns
By following this approach, our clients’ websites are constantly optimized for user experience, regularly improving conversions and revenue.

If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Website Conversion Optimization

We feel like one of the most important and unique aspects of web design at 828 is that we design websites with the users in mind. The whole point of following the principles of Scientific Web Design is to learn and understand user intentions so we can gain better insights to allow us to show the right content and call-to-action at exactly the right time during the buyer journey. The most successful websites focus on their customers.

No more guess work!

This holistic approach to website design and development puts more priority on understanding what drives website visitors, what barriers get in their way, and what motivates them so that you can offer them the best possible experience. We create pages that your visitors love, so in return they complete your call-to-action. The results? Your conversions improve and your profits increase.

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828's CRO Web Development Process

Improving CRO with Hotjar

The truth is, it’s not rocket-science. Everyone understands the concept of user-centric design in theory. Most people even get the idea of A/B testing to determine user preferences. But no one knows how and where to test, nor how to apply it. They also don’t seem willing to put in the necessary time in to learn.

Using tools from Google, HotJar, Moz, and more, we take a different approach to web design that will improve your conversions. Conversion rate optimization is the process of using all the tools and techniques to improve website and landing page conversion rates. Here's how we do it:

  1. We analyze your website, existing traffic sources, and your visitors
  2. We study your users and identify any barriers or user-experience issues
  3. We target key opportunities and hidden potential
  4. We create long-term strategy and define key metrics
  5. We create an experimental plan
  6. We carry out regular A/B testing and experiments
  7. We implement changes in frequent, small, targeted iterations
  8. We transfer these changes to other, relevant areas and sales funnels

This process is continuous, we do it repeatedly…over and over again so you never stop improving. Stop giving your website a complete overhaul every few years! Stop applying best-practices based upon someone else’s website and users. Stop designing a website based upon what looks good, instead of what works. And stop defining what works by what works NOW, when things constantly change.

CRO web design creates websites and landing pages that are perfectly designed to convert YOUR specific users. It's a model that constantly changes with your market. it's data-driven, based completely on the actions of your users. It's how we can guarantee that your website profits will increase, while your costs decrease! We don't just say it, we put our money where our mouths are with our 'value-based pricing' models. If you don't make money, we don't make money.

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