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Website Hosting and Managed Services

828 is a leading provider of website hosting and managed services for small businesses, offering a complete line of technical and support services to help you run a successful website. From simple domain and website hosting services, to WordPress hosting, Cloud Hosting, Ecommerce, or Microsoft Exchange, our management and support services are a package deal.

We’re not here to compete with the big data centers or registrars so don’t compare their monthly hosting plan to one of ours. That’s Apples-to-Oranges. At 828 we offer more than just the servers to store your website and application files, we offer someone on the other end of the phone willing to do it for you at no additional cost because no matter what solution we develop our clients simply don’t have the time or desire to support their own services. They don’t want to add the new picture, or case study, or help an employee who’s having trouble with email on their latest smartphone. That’s perfectly ok because all of our managed hosting and service plans include content and image updates, analytics and reporting, email service and support, and more without having to be nickel and dimed along the way. With website hosting plans starting as low as $15/month we have something to fit your needs and would love the opportunity to do so!

Managed Services Include

Domain Name Registration and Management

Website Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting

Microsoft Exchange and Email Services

Database Hosting, Analytics, Security, and more!

Wordpress Hosting

With more than 60 million websites WordPress has become the premier small business website platform on the internet. At 828 we love building websites in WordPress (check out our portfolio here) but with constant plug-ins being developed, security patches being released, and new theme updates it’s difficult to keep up with let alone optimize. The trade offs can be big though, so we make the decision easy for you and we’ll help by monitoring, updating, and supporting your website AND your WordPress! With so much experience designing, developing, and hosting WordPress websites we have an environment optimized for increased performance, security, and reliability and most importantly we’re here on the other end of the phone anytime you need us.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting solutions allow your business to have 24/7 access to your applications and your data without having to manage all of the hardware and software that goes with it. That server at the office in the closet could fail any time and take your data with it. Your email could go down for hours at a time. Someone may hack in to your store. All of these are scenarios that happen regularly. Our shared cloud web hosting plans are all powered by the cloud. For a low monthly fee, you can enjoy the reliability and flexibility of the cloud for your website while we manage it for you! It’s the ideal solution for businesses that are just getting started online or have simple websites such as info sites, blogs, catalogue sites, and low-volume ecommerce sites.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

We’re always looking for ways to take care of our customers and offering Exchange was a natural extension of that. Email and business have become inseparable and when you add the additional concerns of security and support it often makes sense to have your email managed for you along with your website. 828 has been offering managed email services for over 10 years and our Hosted Microsoft Exchange services offer improved capabilities for your small business. Take advantage of shared contacts, calendars and tasks, distribution lists, public folders, and encryption.

  • Expertise
  • Reliabilty
  • Security
  • Data Recovery and Backup

Upgrading your email to Hosted Microsoft Exchange environment will increase the functionality, security, reliability, and flexibility of your email services and put it in the hands of someone you can trust to manage it for you! Each Exchange Account comes with:

  • Large Mailboxes accessible anytime, anywhere through Outlook, an advanced web interface, and even your mobile devices
  • McAfee Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Fast, easy and secure feature for sending large files up to 1GB by email.
  • Shared Contacts allow team members to share important customer/partner contact information
  • A secure connection between your Outlook client and the Exchange server, meeting and surpassing the most pressing security requirements
  • McAfee Spam and Virus Filtering comes standard with every mailbox.
  • Included 24×7 Phone Support

Database Hosting and Analytics

Why 828 Database Hosting?
  • Full suite of database hosting services
  • An entire suite of database hosting and analytic services
  • Reliable environments optimized for performance and secure
  • Support for a variety of custom applications
  • A team of consultants looking to help you access and USE the data
  • An experienced team who loves working under the hood!

828 will host and manage your database whether it’s just a few megabytes or dozens of terabytes! Your data is your customers, and you want to know your customers so you can service them. We host and manage your database and provide ongoing reporting and analytics. We’ll do more than make sure it’s running and backed up, we’ll make sure you can use it! You may want to integrate your data with other systems like accounting systems or custom applications and that’s an area we really enjoy! The 828 team cut our teeth in systems integration back in the 1990’s and it’s one of our favorite things to do! Who your customers are and what they need is within that data and we want to help you use it. We can offer basic hosting and management, reporting, even program management and support. We want to help you access, protect, and most importantly USE your data.

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