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Your Online Reputation

What people say about you online can impact decisions on how potential customers interact with your business. When considering the digital marketing landscape, Reputation Management can most simply be thought of as how you interact with customers and potential customers, and how you are perceived by them. Online reputation management services can help you ensure that these reviews help instead of hinder your business.

Improve Your Position in Search Engines

These reviews are a gold mine for high listings on search engines, which is why you should never leave this power only in the hands of the customers. Disgruntled customers are much more likely to leave a bad review, than a pleased customer is to leave a good review. Online reputation management handles this by sending an automatic email to every customer to leave a review (good or bad). This will encourage good reviews since the bad reviews will be written regardless. Once a customer transacts, we recommend sending them a feedback request to see how likely they are to return. If the answer is positive, ask them for a review. If it’s negative, at least you will be able to discuss what you can do better before they air it on the internet.

Fix those Bad Reviews

Bad reviews can have an impact on your business’s health and growth. When a disgruntled customer leaves a bad review about your products, services, customer service or anything else it’s important to realize that this is almost unavoidable. However, it can be managed and even useful in how you handle these situations. Sometimes the company has it in their power to make things right with store credit or even just an open dialogue or even apology can change the attitude of the potential customer. When people leave these bad reviews they simply want to be heard, so listen, and sometimes you can convince them to take the negative review down, or even better, upgrade the review to a positive message.

When people leave these bad reviews they simply want to be heard!

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