Importance of a Lead Magnet

What are Lead Magnets?

A lead magnet is anything you offer to a potential consumer at high perceived value for free in exchange for their email address. The goal is to maximize the number of leads you are targeting, increasing your email list, in order to offer something of higher value.

Create a lead magnet to find your target audience to increase perceived value and obtain contact information.  There are many types of lead magnets that businesses like to use when reaching out to your target market. A few examples and descriptions are listed below:


Ebooks are a great digital tool to help teach or guide your audience on a specific concept.  This could be an great chance to offer a free guidebooks, cookbooks, instructions, etc.


Infographics are an incredibly powerful, visual, and educational tool.  These are made to help your audience easily understand data in the form of charts, graphs, and other statistical information in much more creative format.  The infographic uses memorable visuals and colors to gain the reader’s attention and increase comprehension rates.

PDF  Document / “Cheat Sheet”:

An easy, printable or downloadable sheet that can be used to inform, teach or simplify your prospect’s lives is a great first step to building a relationship.  Continuing a level of consistency is key in gaining their trust.

Video Training:

With a wide variety of video software today, video training is very simple to make and can be fun to put together.  Something as simple as a few eye catching slides on a presentation and a compelling voiceover will win over your audience and create a large following.  You can also use popular social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram to create training videos that are easily accessible.


After you’ve taken some time to build their trust, your target audience will be eager to hear more about what you have to offer.  When you begin to deliver a product or service of actual monetary value, it’s important to maintain the connection and continue to deliver on value.  This is where a discount (ie: free shipping or a coupon code) can really come in handy to a group of people on your email list.

What Can I Do with a Lead Magnet?

The ultimate lead you can easily make is a very specific solution based lead that gives immediate gratification and builds their trust in you. Make sure you are giving products or services of high perceived value, then introduce a resource of high actual value.  Once a relationship is established and trust is built, your customers will create the opportunity of increasing conversion rates.  Remembering to deliver on value and trust, will lead to success in your business!

21+ Tips To Sell Your Business With eBooks[Infographic] by the team at

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