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ECommerce Websites

A professional eCommerce website design is a critical element to successful business online. The 828 Marketing and Web team will develop a custom solution for you from scratch or even customize one of many free third-party shopping cart frameworks. We firmly believe that every business is unique and that one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t the best option and there are a variety of ways to design an ecommerce website solution that will fit your budget. When you purchase a product a good majority of the time you end up trying to fit the square peg in the round hole. With ecommerce it’s true that 80% of the process is the same for everyone:

  • Sell anything, whether it is t-shirts, baseball bats, music, or software.
  • Add/Edit/Delete products/services
  • Shopping Cart/Wish List
  • Secure online transactions and credit card processing
  • Merchandising, Discounts, Promotions, etc.
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Multiple Shipping options and more

We will work closely with you to design and implement an ecommerce website that reflects you and your business.

Custom Ecommerce Solutions

Not all eCommerce involves product sales. We’ve built online ticketing systems, hotel reservation systems, and a variety of secure online transaction systems that allow businesses to sell their products and/or services to customers online. We can work to tailor a solution that fits your needs and integrates right in to your website. We have worked with small businesses selling 1-2 products online such as Monogram Love and Port-A-Wall, and large organizations that have thousands online registrations each month like Light University Online and sites that handle online reservations like Group Hotels and Travel Advocates.

Mobile Commerce

Recent trends show many people moving towards mobile commerce instead of ecommerce. Considering Mobile statistics in 2013 it certainly has to be part of the strategy. According to mobile statistics and trends, about 47% of consumers use smartphones for searching local information while 42% check inventory prior to shopping in the store. We also know that 1/3 of all shoppers made at least one purchase through a smartphone in 2013. With this in mind our mobile development team gets involved right at the beginning so we can plan our e-commerce and mobile commerce solutions together and reach ALL of your potential customers.

Effective Ecommerce Website Marketing

At 828 Technologies, we stay true to our philosophy that effective website and eCommerce website solutions combine great design, solid technology and integrated digital marketing support. We help small businesses fully embrace opportunities online–from marketing, email nurturing, automation, guided shopping, PR, social media and online customer service.

We will work closely with you to design and implement an ecommerce website that reflects you and your business.

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