Digital Marketing

The Importance of Defining Your Target Market

Your target market dictates every single aspect of how your business functions.  From the creation of your website design, your choice of social media channels, the various ads you run, your presence on search engines, etc.; depends on your target market. Your specific group of potential customers may also vary for each of the different products

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Reputation Management for Small Businesses

Your online reputation can be your business’s most important asset. What people say about you online can impact decisions on how potential customers interact with your business.  While online Reputation Management can have a variety of names and definitions, when considering the digital marketing landscape, it can most simply be thought of as how you

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Inexpensive Lifestyle Business Ideas

Lifestyle Business Ideas That Cost Less Than $500 To Start If you’re reading this article, I practically guarantee that you’ve at least once dreamed of launching a small business model of some sort. Whether you’ve wanted to start a small business working from home, or you’ve had lofty ideas of launching a huge multinational corporation,

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