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Client Spotlight: Harris Tire Company

Harris Tire Company is a local auto repair business with three different locations in and around Lynchburg, VA.

Their Solution:

  • Local SEO strategies to increase calls and site visits
  • Simple, clean website with easy to access information and a portal for purchasing tires online.

Their Results:

  • All 3 locations consistently getting more than 2,500 calls for auto service each month just from mobile devices.
  • Their website ranks #1 for more than 100 different search queries!
  • Each location shows up more than 25,000 times on Google Maps alone!

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Harris Tire Portfolio

Data Driven Digital Marketing Services

Our results-driven strategy will guide us - and you- to fill spaces where you need us the most. We'll handle the growth, and you can focus on running your business.


97% of consumers go online to find local services. We will optimize your business for higher rankings and more leads.


828 will help you turn your most important asset into a 24/7 sales and marketing machine that’s always working for you!


Brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google ads, and PPC advertising as a whole returns $2 for every $1 spent!


Conversion Rate Optimization done properly can double your online revenue by turning existing traffic into sales!

Would You Like To Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing?

  • Eric Hughes
    We didn’t know what exactly to do or how to do it, we just knew our customers were demanding more from us online. Steve and his team took our website and ran with it and we have been getting more leads ever since. We average more than 50 online quotes per month and just about as many online appointments. 828 has become our online marketing team and we are already expanding our services in other areas as well.
    Eric Hughes
    Harris Tire Company
  • Jon Jenkins
    It’s not about traffic, it’s about leads, calls, and projects, and within the first 30 days we had already received, and closed quality leads generated through our website and social media. Our online marketing paid for itself literally 50x in the first year alone and we can’t be more excited about working with Steve and his team long-term.
    Jon Jenkins
    Jenkins Restorations
  • Darin Kidd
    We wanted a team that shared our commitment to excellence and vision for success. Steve and his team at 828 were exactly that! We created a strategy, executed it, and saw immediate returns and have continued doing so ever since. We grew our Facebook to more than 150,000, both my websites get tens of thousands of visitors per month, and we're growing around the globe! 828 manages and markets all of my business for me and will continue to do so as we grow this together.
    Darin Kidd
    Succeed with Darin
  • Jamie Ridgeway
    Best around! Steve, (and 828), gives the best service around. I have gotten the best results in generating new leads and prospects and always have quick, friendly service for my site.
    Jamie Ridgeway
    Renaissance Martial Arts
  • Jeff Alder
    We have worked with 828 for years and they always go above and beyond in terms of their service and willingness to cater to our needs. The quality speaks for itself but the personal attention and integrity is a big part of why we continue to do business with 828!
    Jeff Alder
    Lynchburg Soccer
  • James Kuhn
    Steve and the team at 828 did a great job with our website and now handle all of our online marketing. The marketing plan they have implemented had calls and leads coming in from the start. We even launched a new service with their help. I highly recommend this company for you digital marketing solutions! James Kuhn
    James Kuhn
    Virginia Foam Insulators
  • Martin Mawyer
    In an age where businesses become more and more reliant on a social media presence to remain successful, choosing a professional website design company can be a nerve-racking, time-consuming and unpredictable experience. Unlike other web designers who balk, resist, complain and even obstruct new designs or suggestions for improvements, Mr. Horton and his team have shown nothing but enthusiasm and energy when implementing new ideas and advancing the looks and functionality of our website.
    Martin Mawyer
    Christian Action Network
  • Scott & Karla Bomar
    Right from the start the team at 828 has been working with us as a partner, helping us plan digital marketing strategies that will reach and even establish new markets for our services. As a family-owned business using our own property, this is personal to us, and we appreciate that they are always responsive, doing their best to answer our questions and come up with great ideas for new SEO and PPC campaigns. We’re excited about the future!
  • Link Moser
    Steve and his team have been helping me with my company search engine optimization. I have some understanding of SEO myself coming in to this but Steve's expertise is on an entirely different level. He's done an amazing job explaining the process to me so I can better understand the work that goes in to it all. He really know what he is doing and is certainly the guy you want to have on your team if you want to improve your Google rankings and get more traffic to your site.
    Link Moser
    Windhill Design

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